Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.

I guess each girl must had or have at least one Barbie doll in her life. I loved collecting all these cute clothes and accessories for my Barbies! I am still kinda sad that my mom gave them away when I got older and assumed that I didn't want them anymore. The fact is that, I love to collect miniature things, they look so cute that you just want to keep them in your pocket. Speaking of pocket, my mom used to buy me Polly Pockets which are boxes that each contains a scenario and a figure that you can play around with, I guess this is how I started to gain interest in interior design. I miss all of them :( I miss bringing my Barbies out for a meal or to a friend's home. Childish? How about showing off some parts of your Barbie by wearing them? Yes, her lips, eyes, limbs? Your choice!

I came across this young lady called Margaux Lange in a magazine while doing research for my design class(I was working on a children retail space project). She is a jeweler and has a collection called the Plastic Body Series, which she utilizes salvaged Barbie doll parts in combination with sterling silver and pigmented resins.

I thought it was kinda creepy when I first looked at her pieces, but in no more than 2 seconds, I was like, "no way, this is so much fun!"

I like how she combines the body parts with colors and shapes, she even cuts the parts out in different angles.

This has to be my favorite one. How cute?

On another note, it's snowing again!!! Major snowstorm is gonna hit us on Wednesday... be safe everyone!

Until next time,

Hilz ♥

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